Parts & Structures

Hexcel produces high-quality components, structures and assemblies to precise customer specifications.

Hexcel is not merely a materials manufacturer, but we are also able to create composite parts and structures for our customers. Hexcel manufactures and markets lightweight, high-strength composite structures and assemblies for commercial and military fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, business jets, UAVs, and spacecraft.

Among our latest technologies, HexAM® additive manufacturing is a sophisticated merging of PEKK high performance thermoplastic and the world's most robust additive manufacturing technology, delivering a range of fully functional, HexPEKK® end-use parts and components. This technology is ideally suited for end-market applications where functional complexity and weight reduction can have a substantial and positive impact on performance, while also yielding cost and energy savings.

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Technology Breakthroughs
HiTape® Advanced Reinforcements for Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) Processed Aircraft Primary Structures
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